Web Application Security
Learn how to quantify the financial impact of automated traffic, and see how Shape Security provides a 297% ROI


Forrester calculated the impact of automated attacks using data from top companies in four industries; aviation, hospitality, retail, and automotive distribution. This report is based on Forrester's Total Economic Impact model, which enterprises can use to quantify the impact of malicious traffic on their own web and mobile applications.

per Account Takeover

PAIN: Site outages and poor customer experience

per Account Takeover

PAIN: Stolen credit cards and brand damage

per Account Takeover

PAIN: Account takeovers and inaccessible inventory

“In one month alone, we suffered five outages that we attribute to automated traffic.”

-Security Director, Fortune 100 Company

Impact of Unwanted Automated Traffic

Evaluating security solutions is notoriously difficult. By determining Shape’s ROI, Forrester shared a framework that can be used universally to evaluate the financial impact of malicious automation on your organization.


3.1 Months

Shape was universally regarded as a highly effective solution to stop sophisticated attacks. Forrester calculates that companies hit a break even point after just 3.1 months from their investment in Shape Security.

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The world’s leading financial, retail and travel companies and government agencies rely on Shape Security as their primary line of defense for their web and mobile applications. Shape's platform, covered by 45 patents, stops the most dangerous application attacks enabled by cybercriminal fraud tools, including credential stuffing (account takeover), product scraping, unauthorized aggregation. Shape has prevented over $1 billion in fraud losses for its customers and protects more than 1.3 billion user accounts.