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Hear from the FBI on the tenets of cyber defense and current trends in cybercrime.

Then learn from Shape about a specific type of cybercrime: imitation attacks. VP of Shape Intelligence Dan Woods will explain all of the ways in which bad actors manipulate their attack infrastructure to appear like genuine users and then share dozens of techniques to more effectively mitigate attacks on your web and mobile applications.

M. K. Palmore
FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge, Cyber Branch, San Francisco Division
M. K. Palmore is the leader of the San Francisco FBI - Cyber Security Branch. His responsibilities include strategic and tactical operational management of cyber intrusion investigators, computer scientists, analysts and digital forensics personnel charged with conducting and supporting investigations of cyber threat actors in criminal and national security intrusion matters. His leadership and investigative experiences include: Cyber Security, Crisis Management, Risk-Management Advisory and Counter-Terrorism. He has a B.S. from the United States Naval Academy and a MBA from Pepperdine University.
Dan Woods
Vice President - Threat Intelligence, Shape Security
Before joining Shape, Woods served as the Assistant Chief Agent of Special Investigations at the Arizona Attorney General’s Office, where he investigated computer tampering and complex fraud. Prior to that, Woods worked for several different law enforcement and national security organizations including the FBI as a Special Agent assigned to cyber-terrorism. Woods holds a BSE in Computer Systems Engineering.